Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reaction: Focus+Context Display and Navigation Techniques for Enhancing Radial, Space-Filling Hierarchy Visualizations

The author has tried to give the advantage of space filling visualizations and has also not forgotten to mention the disadvantage of it , ie when the hierarchy grows high the visualization becomes less  understandable. Here the author says radial is better than the tree-map space filling.  Even I agree to this. As we can see in the example in our course web page as the data grows the tree-map becomes very small length wise and breadthwise . But in the example of radial space filling at-least one dimension was constant so it was comparable to others.There was an option of detailed view as well.

The examples where it explains the angular detailed method was very good as i gave more control to the user. The detailed outside region I felt it could create confusion as the expansion covers the entire circle and it may be confused with the actual data rather than a detailed section.The author himself says more mental assimilation by viewer is required to understand this. The detail inside was shrinking the actual data and hence a comparison with the detail region was not even possible.

The future works mentioned in the paper looked promising and the paper was overall a good read with sufficient image explanations.