Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reaction: Task Taxonomy for Graph Visualization

This article is intended to define a list of tasks that would be performed on a graph visualization. The list is intended to help graph visualizations designers and evaluaters of visualizations. This paper seemed to be one level of abstraction above the last paper. This paper dealt more with generally how to analyze graphs, versus specifically social networking graphs, but I could see how it could be applied to the social networking graphs. The main crux of the paper was to show how specific graph visualization tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks already defined as information visualization tasks.

The article was interesting and gave a good overview of what one would want to do with a graph visualizations. The ending of the article seemed a little rushed. It didn't really go through the overview tasks in the same detail that it did the other tasks and I was wondering why? It would seem to me that getting an effective overview of a graph would be important so that you would know where to begin asking questions. I thought it would have been nice to show how a evaluator could generalize results. There was the table at the end that evaluated certain visualization systems and how the defined tasks could be used to evaluate them, but there was no detail given about why a certain system got a rating and what that would mean. I think that information added would have been helpful.