Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaction: Tree-Maps: A space filling approach to visualization of hierarchical information structures

The paper is up to the point on the problem definition – i.e. the problem of displaying large hierarchical data using existing methods and at the same time trying to achieve objectives of efficient space utilization provide interactivity and aesthetics.

I liked the way author support their view by demonstrating the technique of comparison of existing methods and the problem faced by those and then coming up with their own solution to the problem in this case the Tree Maps for viewing large file system hierarchy. I think the example provide was a concrete and relevant one. I also like the algorithm mentioned in the paper for drawing the Tree Map and then also for tracking cursor movement and exhibiting cursor movement. In our group project we are implementing a variation of Tree Map and the ideas mentioned in this paper will be useful for us in the long run. The paper also briefly discusses the problem faced for displaying small nodes and possible solutions to it like zooming or magnification.

What I felt lacking in the paper was the lack of stress on difficulty of comparing rectangle with different aspect ratios.