Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reaction: Task Taxonomy for Graph Visualization

This paper talks about the the different types of tasks that can be performed on a graph. It mainly categorizes all the tasks into specific groups and thus creates a taxonomy of operations. Such taxonomy can be useful to people who work on analysis on graphs or create graph visualizations. 
The paper starts off with defining the parts of a graph. The paper further progresses to subdivide the tasks into categories - attribute based, topology based, browsing and overview tasks. The paper then explains the different types of tasks that fall into such categories. Ex: finding the shortest distance would come under topology-tasks. 
The paper also mentions high-level tasks which are 'overall' or 'complex' tasks which cannot be categorized by any of the mentioned types. Such a taxonomy as the paper mentions can be used to characterize tools which visualize graphs. This can help developers and analysts be more precise in the development and analysis processes respectively.
Overall, I think that it is a very informative paper which sheds light on the way we can subgroup graph tasks. However, there should have been some more explanation on High level tasks which the paper lacks.