Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaction: Task Taxonomy for Graph Visualization

The main objective of the paper was to define specific objects of graph and then show how all complex tasks could be seen as a series of low-level tasks performed on those objects. It also defines a list of tasks, which helps visualization designers improve their system and helps reviewers compare different graph visualization systems.

Though the low-level tasks are explained very well in the paper with a tabular representation of "ten analytic tasks proposed by Amal et al", all High-level tasks are not covered. The main thing which paper lacked was images, which made it a dull read. A picture could have been included at many places and made it a more explainable and obvious. For example all graph-specific objects could have had a small image, showing the graph itself. The wiki link given at the end of the paper, doesn't give any extra information. Even the table for characterizing graph visualization tools can't be said very helpful since the paper itself says that the information is not completely correct, but a good reference for analysis.

On the better side of the paper, the list of tasks described for analyzing the graph data are very lucid, reasoned and systematic.