Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leader: Will Wright's HiveMind aims to turn humanity into The Sims — sort of

After a brief hiatus from the gaming industry — his last game was the ambitious-but-coolly-received Spore — legendary game designer and master of all things Sims Will Wright has announced HiveMind, the eponymous game from his new startup. And what exactly is HiveMind about? Well, that's tricky.

Wright spoke with VentureBeat and offered very little, in terms of concrete details. He did, however, talk about his aims and goals with this "personal gaming" venture. HiveMind is driven by data collection — the same kind of data we've shown willingness to give to the likes of Facebook, for example — and the game will thusly learn from that and guide you to discover new interesting and entertaining events in real life.

Wright said...

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