Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reaction: Task Taxonomy for Graph Visualization

This paper aims to define a list of tasks for graph visualization that has enough detail and specificity to be useful to designers who want to improve their system and to evaluators who want to compare graph visualization systems.

The paper started off by explaining very basic concepts and properties of graphs like nodes, links, articulation points and bridges etc. Then the authors go about listing Amar's low-level visual analytic tasks which are relevant to graphs. Then the authors add a few more low-level tasks - Find, Scan and Set Operations.

Then the authors suggest tasks which are categorized into four groups: topology-based tasks,
attribute-based tasks, browsing tasks, and the overview task. Then for each category of tasks, the authors present examples, and give a way how this high-level task then can be decomposed into a set of low-level tasks.

In the last section of the paper, a comparison is made on characteristics of several contemporary graph visualizing tools like TreePluss, NVSS etc. based on the tasks these tools readily support.

Overall, I think the scope of the paper is very limited and I would expect to have graphic images and images to illustrate the concepts explained in the paper.