Friday, November 18, 2011


The paper provides several examples of tools used in text mining and how they try to visualize their results in order to make it easy for understanding the results of text mining. The paper is self describing and easy to read in the sense that I liked the way it is organized into –

  1. Visualization for text mining where the author speaks about how visualization the text mining results is becoming a promising tools citing several examples on the way like the TAKMI’s text mining system, BETA system of IBM’s Web Fountain project
  2. Visualization in documents and website where Marti explains that word frequencies i.e. concordance visualization along with other methods like tag cloud on websites and theme river on sites earlier covered in class viz. NameVoyager help in understanding text collection
  3. Visualization in literature and citations is explained by Marti as though the text is semi-structured can be can help in literary analysis.

I agree with Marti’s view that, visualization has also been applied to online conversations and other forms of social interaction which have textual components and I believe such analysis help in getting acquainted with trends that follow day-to-day activities. IBM’s should get a special mention in this type of visualization which is done by the author.

I feel that it was a good overall short but precise and upto the point.