Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reactions:Task Taxonomy for Graph Visualization

This paper mainly talks about task for graph visualization and task for analyzing graph data.In this firstly author describes graph specific objects like node,link,path,connected component and clusters.This paper is very simple but provide very structured set of task that can be used for getting insight of graph data and also for making visualization useful.In this author firstly specifies lower level task like retrieving value, sort etc are included.
Author describes taxonomy of task for analyzing graph data.For this author suggest 4 categories of task and has tried to explain them by example scenario.Following are the task:
1.Topology based task : These are task related to finding out adjacent connection,connectivity between nodes and common connection.
2.Attribute-Based Task: These task add filter,compute or range on task/or on other attribute task.
3.Browsing Task: Task to track or follow path.
4.Overview Task:Task to get fast estimated value.Like using heuristic function to find shortest path(and stopping local minima of shortest distance as an answer for getting fast answer).
Authors has then provided higher level task which are on more higher level like comparing two graphs or repairing graph.
I find detail of task in paper very well defined and well explained with examples of scenarios.