Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaction:Balancing Systematic and Flexible exploration of social Netowrks.

In this paper the author introduces us to a concept called as SocialAction that helps analysis of a social network.The author has used an example about the terrorist groups to aptly explain this principle.What I found interesting is that the author chooses an example that is extremely real and also it has a huge data set.Analyzing social network is always complicated that too with such huge data. It is appreciative that in the terrorist example taken ,which has a huge data set the author shows how appropriate data can be taken and visualized.The user is also provided with wide choice in terms of measures.The several rankings of interest that the user can chose from has made it easier to use this.

Another striking feature that I came across is the ability to iterate through multiple linked nodes.

Overall this paper was useful in understanding the problems and solutions in the field of network visualization.