Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaction: Tree-Maps: A space filling approach to visualization of hierarchical information structures

This paper introduces Tree Map visualization and discusses over the merits and demerits of the visualization. This gives an overview of the existing methods and compares it with the Tree-Map.

Tree maps can be used for large hierarchical data. The objective of this visualization is to use the space efficiently, interaction and clear comprehension. Tree map emphasis on the structure and leaves and the users are never lost because they can see the complete information space. Tree maps can be used primarily in places where navigation is a mandatory criteria.

With Tree Maps, we can avoid the problems in the existing methods like venn diagram , tree diagram , outline where too much of space is wasted and too many lines reduces the comprehension. Tree Maps can help in easy identification of largest files on entire file system.

The properties of Tree Maps makes is more stable and can be used in various like decision making, satellite management, portfolio management etc. It is current used in many softwares like Disk Mapper, Smart money People Map.

Tree Maps should be considered as a visualization in any design because it gives an overall view for the user.