Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaction: Task taxonomy for graph visualization

The papers provides a task taxonomy that can help designers to improve their tools, and evaluators that want to compare different graph systems. The paper provides a list of low-level tasks that can be performed in a systems to help the evaluation of it.

The papers uses Amar et al's low-level visual analytic tasks as a base, but also incorporates two general tasks. The taxonomy of tasks provide descriptions on four groups of tasks: topology-based tasks, attribute-based tasks, browsing tasks, and an overview task. Each task can be decomposed as low-level tasks.

The paper provides examples of each task (topology-based tasks, attribute-based tasks, browsing tasks, and an overview task) in different scenarios, which help the reader to understand the task, and the low-level tasks required. The paper also provides a good description of the main tasks, and who they complement each other. The paper mentions at the beginning that this tasks would help evaluators to compare different tools, but it would be useful to have a description or a case study where they show results of how the taxonomy helped the evaluators.