Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaction: Task Taxonomy for Graph Visualization

This paper discuss about series of low level tasks that should be performed to analyze graph data for designing efficient Information visualization systems. Author first discuss about basic components and types of graph like nodes,link, connected and cyclic graphs,in order educate readers who are not familiar with graphs.Ten low-level visual analytic tasks proposed by Amal et al does not cover few graph specific tasks like scan and set,this paper supplement the taxonomy with these missing tasks. Graph Task Taxonomy is categorized into four groups:-topology-based tasks, attribute-based tasks, browsing tasks, and the overview task.each task can be further decomposed into low-level tasks to follow a systematic approach. I like the way author support each low-level tasks with a general description followed by its implementation in examples under consideration like FOAF, FW etc. However, author should also have included some pictorial examples to reinforce the conclusions and methods followed, for better understanding of readers.At the end, author discuss about characterization of Graph visualization tools based on area of focus or interest. Overall, its a good read for beginners.