Monday, August 22, 2011

Viz:LivePlasma (Visual based Music search engine)

LivePlasma- This application is a web based application which can be used for searching music bands/artists/albums and also for buying the albums from It is basically a music visualization application which serves as a music search engine. We are initially asked to enter the name of the target music artist/bands/albums name we are searching for and upon entering, the target file name related to the word entered, along with a whole bunch of related artists/albums are displayed. The visual appearance of this is as follows:

The work flow of this data visualization is as follows:
Initially we are asked to enter the name we want to search for i.e., the target name. We can type in part of the target name and press enter. This will display a couple of suggestions if the name is not complete and we can select the complete name from the displayed suggestions. This will give us a map which has the target name we are searching for and will also display all the related albums/artists/band names of the target entered. The closer the surrounding albums/artists names are, the closer the relation between it and the target name. The linking of related file names of the target is done using linking and grouping. On the left hand side, all the album releases from of the selected album/artist/bang from the displayed items are displayed. Clicking on a different album each time, will change the contents getting displayed on the left hand side of the page. Clicking on any of the albums displayed on the left hand side will take us to a new page. This page will open the website and will show purchase details for the album selected.
This application will be very useful for users to search for new music in the style they like, by clicking on the related names which get displayed when a target name is entered.
The application is a flash based application.
Though this application looks cool, there are few pit falls in this application. This application is not dynamic and robust as it may appear to be.