Sunday, August 21, 2011

VIZ: Voyage- RSS Feed Reader
Voyage is a web-based RSS feed Reader which allows its account holders to add RSS feed links, performs syndication and aggregation. It benefits readers by letting them subscribe to timely updates from favored websites and display feeds from many sites into one place. It supplies users with a list of current news items in a brief format so they can scan headlines and choose the items that interest them without visiting the Web sites that publish them. It provides the pleasure of reading all feeds that a user subscribes to, at one place regulated by a timeline.
Visual mapping is 3-Dimensional between the RSS feeds that float in space in varying layers and the timeline that provide direct access to a specific layer that represents time duration. The stories in focus are recent and easier to read, and they get smaller and blur as they go off into the distance. Clicking on a headline will zoom to that layer and expand a story summary with link to detailed description. Dashed Timeline has a three-color scheme depicting density of RSS feeds. Precisely, brighter the color of slot, higher the number of RSS feeds during that time interval.
I believe this visualization very interesting and informative. This 3D tool has an interface which is very interactive and dynamic. User can customize the application to stay informed in their interest areas. Also, latest RSS feeds from different user-subscribed websites floats at the top thus save time spent in browsing through data. People who are very busy at work but still wish to keep up with current happenings around, may find this visualization very effective.
Please try Voyage here