Monday, August 22, 2011

Viz:Stock Ticker Orbital Comparison (STOC) visualization

STOC is a kind of Orbital Comparison chart, using S&P 500 data from the New York Stock Exchange. It is programmed in Processing, an open source programming language and IDE designed for developing electronic arts to aid in teaching.

Each circle represents a stock in the S&P 500 belonging to different organizations in the world. The stock data of any organization can be seen by clicking on any of the circles. A specific organization can also be searched. The various colors of the circles are explained by the index that gives the various terms related to the financial markets.

The stocks belonging to a single sector can be separated and viewed by choosing out of the various sectors that are present at the top. The application also gives an option to control the speed of movement of the circles and increase the efficiency of comparison.

A Video on this can be seen here: