Thursday, August 25, 2011

Event: Brooks, Wattenberg & Viegas will keynote SIGCSE in Raleigh in 2012

Fred Brooks is huge figure in graphics and computing in general. Wattenberg and Viegas lead the new "Big Picture" visualization group at Google, and are well known for visualizations such as the baby NameVoyager and Map of the Market.
You may wish to volunteer to be able to see them on the cheap.
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From: Sarah Heckman <>
The Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) will be holding their main conference in Raleigh, NC at the new convention center from February 12 to March 2, 2012 (the week before our spring break).  As Local Arrangements Chair, I would like to encourage you to submit a paper or attend SIGCSE in 2012!
Around 1200 people annually attend SIGCSE, and the conference is a great chance to attend talks, panels, special sessions, workshops, posters, and birds of a feather sessions that are both inspiring and engaging.  Topics range from computing in introductory courses to computing in advanced undergraduate courses.  There are also sessions on computing in K-12.
The deadline for submission of papers, panels, special sessions, and three-hour workshops is September 2, 2011.  The deadline for posters is October 24, 2011.  If you're working on something innovative in education, please consider submitting your work!

I would like for students to get involved, especially PhD students that are interested in an academic track.  Last year's SIGCSE was lacking in student volunteers.  I would like to see NC State well represented in student volunteers.  The students’ registration fee is reimbursed by volunteering before and during the conference.  The student's registration fee hasn't been announced yet, but it will likely be around $60.

SIGCSE is also a host conference for the ACM Student Research Competition (  There are separate competitions for undergraduate and graduate students.  Recent PhD graduate Andy Meneely won 1st place in the SRC at SIGCSE in 2010.  This would be an excellent opportunity for your students to showcase their research in poster form.  The students with the best submissions also give a short research talk.  The competition winners go on to compete with winners from other conferences that host the ACM Student Research Competition.  The deadline for submitting is September 25, 2011.  Please note that only three research projects are accepted from a single department.

Two of the three keynote speakers have been announced.  The first is Fred Brooks.  The Saturday keynotes are the team of Fernanda VĂ©egas and Martin Wattenberg from Google's "Big Picture" visualization research group.

The conference website is at:

I hope you will consider submitting and/or attending SIGCSE 2012, especially since it's in our own backyard.