Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tool: Google Fusion Table

This is a visualization tool which can visualize data into a chart or a map. The tool supports various file formats while uploading. Also for visualizing, the various options available are table, map, heatmap, line chart, bar graph, pie chart, scatter plot, timeline, storyline or motion (animation over time)
Fusion table supports editing of data and also table functions like joins, filter, sort, etc. The data uploaded on to Google Fusion can be made private or public. Also it enables the viewers of the data to comment on it. Fusion tables can also map multiple polygons with variations in color based on underlying data. Yet another handy feature of Fusion is the use of Fusion Table's "templating" export to generate a JSON file from data in other formats. The tool supports Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and can geocode addresses automatically.
Thus as an overall review, this tool is suitable for beginners who can be comfortable analysing data using a web browser. It is apt for people who want to analyse data without any coding.
The tool needs to be accessed with a valid Google ID. It also has some examples which are shared by users publicly.
The example illustrated is generated using Google Fusion. It shows the goals scored by various teams at 2010 World Cup. There is another option of depicting the goals as per the receiving team. We can also export the data visualised in the form a map into a Keyhole Markup Language (KML)


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