Sunday, August 21, 2011

Viz: Number of endangered languages by country

This graph shows the number of endangered languages of the world by country and the degree of endangerment. The data is taken from UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

The graph has been created using chartsbin which is very helpful in creating rich interactive data visualizations using user specific data sets. The tool is powered by various open source libraries and tools. The map data processing is done using tools written in Java and C. The other tools used for visualization are based on Adobe Actionscript and JavaScript libraries.

The size of the circle represents the number of endangered languages for each country. The data is represented simply using a single color and thus increasing the readability of the graph. The graph is interactive where hovering over the graph show the total number and the division of languages based on the their degree.

The above map shows the same data visualized differently. Here the color of the pointers are shown differently to indicate the degree of extinction. The UNESCO Atlas of world's languages in danger shows the distribution and can be searched with various options like the degree, name and country.

The Atlas of world's endangered languages can be found here.

The two representations have their own perspective. The first one is clear and is visualized in a higher level perspective whereas the other way of representation deals with details about everything related to the graph and details can be filtered from various options.

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