Monday, August 22, 2011

Viz: Freeze/Frost Maps

This entry is related to my Data entry here:

This article will be about the following maps that help visualize that Freeze/Frost data:

This is pretty straightforward and not all that flashy. The data provided gives growing season (or "freeze free period"), as well as Fall freeze beginning times, and Spring freeze end times. The data also gives different probability levels for the freeze times (10% to 90%), and 6 different freeze points.

The provided visualizations are just static representations of this data laid across a map of the United States. It might be more interesting to find freeze periods for each year, and then do an animated visualization, but this is what I could find. The colors that they use make them a little hard to read, but it was a good idea otherwise, obviously. The raw data can help farmers get the exact data for their location, but they may be interested in freeze temperatures in completely different states, maybe halfway across the US, so these maps help visualize that information.