Monday, August 22, 2011

Viz: TED Sphere

While I was looking to find for the visualization tools, datasets, and visualizations as such over the Internet I found the following to be an interesting one (TED Sphere) that can be shared to the class, for most of the other cool stuff is been there on the blog already. This particular visualization, Videosphere, can be interesting for someone who follow TED talks regularly.

Videosphere, is an audiovisual knowledge network and is totally independent from This project helps us understand the importance of making use of the best of technology to improve the search features of large data samples. Videoshpere is a network of high quality content and collects similar content by semantic compatibility.

It uses the following relation:

relationWeight = --------------------------------------
nDifferentTags +nCommonTags

It has options for navigating through the data in 3d and shows the related content highlighted.
It also provides links directly to the TED website and other related information about the video.

You can try Videosphere here.