Thursday, August 25, 2011

Viz: Flickr Related Tag Browser

Flickr Related Tag Browser is a flash based site. It is one among many visualized search engines based on Flickr. But, This one is simple and easy to search for. Here the images are classified based on Flickr tags.

The related tags pops up in a circle when a tag is clicked. The center of the circle has a rectangle which contains related images. When mouse is hovered on the rectangle, the page zooms inwards and the rectangle is highlighted. On the click of an image which is inside the rectangle, the picture pops up beside the images rectangle, but both being aligned in center. When the mouse is hovered back the web page zooms out, displaying the complete circle with tags and rectangle with images.

It uses Flickr API to fetch data. It is developed by Felix Turner. It neatly organizes the pictures in a nice visual resolution, though confined in a small space.

My perspective:
The zooming Flash UI makes the tool attractive.
The tags should have been highlighted when mouse is hovered over it.
When there are many related tags, the circle becomes clumsy.
All the related tags are not displayed as the radius is limited. Concentric circles with different colors could have been used.