Monday, August 22, 2011

Viz: Mobile patent lawsuits

New one is much clearer. 

Mobile patent lawsuits

Moblie patent suits

Mike Bostock visualizes mobile patent lawsuits, improving on a graphic from Thomson Reuters that wasn't so good. Dashed lines are resolved suits and green ones are licenses to the company.

Thomson Reuters published a rather abysmal infographic showing the "bowl of spaghetti" that is current flurry of patent-related suits in the mobile communications industry. So, inspired by a comment by John Firebaugh, I remade the visualization to better convey the network. That company in the center? Yeah, it's the world's largest, so little wonder it has the most incoming suits.

Here's the original, which is a mess of squigglies:

Bostock's is way easier to read and interpret. There's no criss-crossing, and placement actually means something. Interactive version here.

By the way, This American Life recently did a great episode on the whole mess that is patents and lawsuits. It's interesting even if you're not in to tech-related news.

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