Sunday, August 21, 2011

Viz: Thinking Machine 4 ( Chess Visualization )

Thinking Machine 4 is visualization of chess game engine. The chess engine is simple and uses only basic algorithms from the 50s (alpha-beta pruning and quiescence search). This visualization tries to portray how computer thinks (in this algorithm) and shows the moves it is computing.

In this after every human move thinking machine shows how computer is trying to calculate potential future moves.It is shown with the arcs of different color.The brighter arcs are thought by the program to be better.

It also shows the wave of influence for each piece on board.This shows the effective attack range of that piece.(Which could be useful for very naive new player)

Its simple and interesting visualization and shows very interesting moves while playing it.This can bee really useful in judging and developing game play for chess. However as there are so many arcs one easily loose the track and it looks a bit cluttered.

Technologies Behind:
  1. HTML
  3. PROCESSING(for graphics)
Its bit different from other visualization on terms of technology as it uses applet and lot of server side computation.