Friday, August 26, 2011

Data: Database of Social Media Governance Policies

The site presented in this discussion – presents a comprehensive database of all the policies related to social media governance. The creator of this site Chris Bourdeaux claims that the site provides tools and resources for leader and managers in social media.
The database contains 177 policies from various firms and organizations. The site also provides an option of filtering the policies as per the industry. The database has two components: The Organization name linked to its home page and the title of its respective policy linked to the appropriate policy page.
The database also contains 178 social media research report published by the various organizations. The data can be filtered as per the publishers. Here the database consists of details such as title of the report linked to the actual report, publisher information, date of publication and cost for the report.
The site also has a blog with interesting discussions on various governance related topics. There is a section on the owner of the site – Chris Boudreaux and the book “The Social Media Management Handbook” which has some chapters featured by him.
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