Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tool: Moowheel (A Javascript Connections visualization tool)

Intended Use: Moowheel is a Javascript visualization tool used to display connections between different objects like people, things, places etc. This library provides a unique way to visualize data using Javascript and the Canvas Object.

Authors/Owners: This tool is authored by Joshua Gross and is licensed under an MIT-Style License.

Requirements: This tool requires CanvasText(for text support with canvas object) and EXCanvas (for IE Canvas Support) libraries to support it.

Usage: The usage of Moowheel tool is very simple. In practice it can be used to rank the connections among a group of people based on their weight or it can be used to provide a mapping between two different sets of data.

* In the first step we include necessary Javascript files in the header of the page.

* In the second step we create an array of items for the connections.

* In the third step we add a container for the canvas tag to the body of the document

* The final step is to initialize the MooWheel object


MooWheel: A Javascript visualization Library

A Sample Visualization example using MooWheel