Monday, August 22, 2011

Viz: GeoCodEarth, Live Social Timeline

GeoCodEarth is a live social timeline showing live tweets, flickr images etc feeds on the world map. It's a great visualization tool allowing anyone to see which part of the world is the tweet or the picture is coming from.

Twitter API allows access to the public timeline which can be filtered based on the geo location. This visualization makes brilliant use of this timeline to map it on a globe and the users can analyse the tweet data based on the locations they are coming from.

Such visualizations may have tremendous scope in future. For example, we can determine if anything wrong happened in some particular part of the world and what people of that region are tweeting about in case of emergency.

Link - (Don't expect your tweet to always appear here, as there are millions of tweets on the timeline and the public timeline only displays few of them)