Monday, August 22, 2011

"Viz: Crime Spotting"

As the name suggests this visualization example gives us information about the different crime areas and the crime rate in the city of Oakland. It consists of the city map of Oakland showing different areas of the city along with its crime rate and type. The crime type has been divided into thirteen different categories. Some of them are- theft, murder, assault, alcohol etc. This interactive visualization lets you see the crimes that have taken place in the last 5 years. And it also has an interactive clock on the left with the help of which we can come to know at what time the crime rates are high!

I think its an excellent example of data visualization especially for people who are moving to Oakland and are looking for a place to stay. We can just go to this visualization map and look for a place which has least possible crime rate! Not only that, we can also look at the time at which maximum crimes happen and can avoid going to those places during those hours.

The data for this visualization is actually published by the Oakland police and the site also provides downloadable spreadsheets for the past month's crime report.