Thursday, August 25, 2011

Viz : Tag Galaxy - "Galaxial" Visualization of Image Search

Tag Galaxy lets you search for Flickr tags and the result is represented visually in a mockup of a star system in the galaxy. The initial tag being the sun (center of the planetary system) and the related tag are the other planets. Clicking on any planet (related tag) within the first representation changes the image and re centers that new tag (original tag + the related tag) as the star and pops up new related tags as planets and so on. Please refer the figure below.
                                                         fig. 1 - Planetary Visualization
Clicking on the sun itself brings up a globe covered in images tagged as you’ve specified as shown in the figure below. The globe has a 360 degree view.
                                                                 fig. 2 - Image Globe
It has a two level visualization. The first level of visualization is to represent the search results & the related tags in the form of planetary system. (fig. 1) The second level of visualization is to represent the tagged images on the globe.(fig. 2)
The application accesses the flickr database and pulls the relevant images to populate the globe. The images having all the tags given during search is picked up. For example: If the search keyword is sun + sky+ blue then all the images having the keywords sun, sky and blue in the meta tag of its webpage would be picked up.
This kind of visualization is effective to represent huge amount of data. In this case a spherical view is more eye catching and has a better impact than a grid view. Moreover, the amount of space needed to present the data in a single frame is comparatively less in a spherical view.

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