Monday, September 5, 2011

Reactions:Attention and Visual Memory in Visualization and Computer Graphics

This paper had detailed summary about human attention and visual memory get effected from graphics.Author has described about early work on preattentive and postattentive work in starting.This contains some of really interesting facts about preattentive techniques,like shape,color and other features aiding search.This I found can be really useful and think that it can be used for deciding some animation or visualization as it grabs attention very quick.The flow of arguments from different papers was very fluid and helped me developing good understanding about how visual field should be segmented (TN-NN). These attributes I think cloud be really interesting while deciding Visualization for data(also will effect on detail of information in it).

I firstly was astonished with Visual Memory section of paper.There it had unusual facts like argument of Post attentive amnesia where it described seeing scene in advance also doesn't help in target detection.Most important section of paper were visual Attention and visual Memory.It had good examples and description of how to direct attention and avoid change blindness for better Visualization.