Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reaction: Attention and Visual Memory in Visualization and Computer Graphics

The paper is one of the surveys striving to drive the point home about the importance of human perception to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of visualization. The document talks about the scientific analysis of processing made by the human brain when an image is examined by explaining preattentive processing and various other theories associate with it. This reading gives a theoretical understanding of the reasoning behind processing images by our vision through examples of different models. The survey also talks about ensemble coding over the course of the discussion.

The paper discusses things that are of prime importance in designing visualizations of any data samples, of the ways how data is thought of, remembered and expected to be. Different studies conducted to determine the ways human visual perception is affected in reading image information have been quoted here to allow the importance of human perception in building better visualizations. The paper gives an exhaustive list of things that are to be taken into consideration in building visualizations to be effective in serving the purpose of conveying the information in the most suitable format.

In the later part of the paper, the author stresses on the importance of visual attention. The paper also points out the challenges that the researchers in the field of computer graphics and visualization are currently facing. This being a survey paper has allowed a broader picture of how visual perception has impact on the visualization models built. This is a good read to get a feel of perspectives to be taken into effect for designing visualization models.