Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reaction: Attention and Visual Memory in visualization and computer graphics.

This paper deals with the science of visual memory, and its relevance to scientific and information visualization.

The paper starts with explaining the phenomenon of Preattentive processing. It is interesting to know that fixation-saccade cycle repeats 3-4 times each second of our waking lives, and all this is totally involuntary, without any awareness.

Then the authors go on to present number of theories which attempt to explain how preattentive processing occurs within the visual system. All these theories have focused on how low level-visual processes can be used to guide attention in a larger scene and how viewer's goals interact with these processes.

I think in order to understand and delve into the concepts of information visualization, it is very essential that we understand the science behind the visual memory and human perception. The research in this direction will help how physical resolution and visual acuity affect a viewer’s ability to see different luminance, hue, size and orientation values.