Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tool: JMP

JMP is a statistical software that was first developed by John Sall, Executive Vice President of SAS. JMP originally had support for Macintosh(1989). Later it was developed to support Windows in 1993. JMP does the job of presenting data in the form of interactive visualization. These visualizations enhance statistical analysis of complex data. Below is an example of a graph with 4 dimensions: height, weight, age, sex:

I made this graph for a dummy data table. It contains entries for the above dimensions along with columns for Name and Residual Weight. One can make more complex graphs with JMP by simply dragging and dropping  dimensions across the X and Y axis. Input data can be of text format/ Excel sheets/ JMP format. 

JSL: JMP Scripting languages adds on the usability of this software by allowing the users to re-analyse the data in hand using custom scripts. This allows easy manipulation of complex data. An experienced programmer can use JSL to enhance graphical representation and analysis of data.

JMP Genomics developed by SAS provides support for analyzing genetic data. It comes with support of over 100 procedures to facilitate the treatment of data involving genetics, microarrays or proteomics.

2. JMP tutorials