Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reaction: Attention and Visual Memory in Visualization and Computer Graphics

A very good point that is made in the paper is what we see is dependent upon where our attention is focused and what is already in our minds prior to seeing the image. This is in fact followed by the appropriate description of how we see colors and how our eye processes them. I did not realize that there is a momentary period of blindness between two parts of images our eye focuses on. The paper does a good job in giving graphical representations of theoretical concepts wherever possible.

I find a strong resemblance between online advertising and visual expectation and memory. Eye tracking theory can be used to put articles and advertisements in the right place on a web page so that the websites can hold the users attention for a longer amount of time. Concepts under visual expectation and memory are presented in a clear way for researchers and developers to understand the mystery behind the human eye and its color recognition abilities.

Change blindness gives us interesting challenges which are presented to the user to him co-relate between different images which are almost similar to each other but at the same time not subtly different. Overall the paper presents a good summary of the past and present visual attention and memory theories and reminds us about the limited viewing ability of the user. I certainly find this paper a good read as it gave me many points to ponder about and helped me understand the importance of minor details regarding the human vision which I had previously overlooked.