Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reaction : Attention and Visual Memory in Visualization and Computer Graphics

This paper mainly focuses on how we perceive the visualization that are offered to us. Human mind reacts and pay attention to a visualization and this is what the paper mainly tries to analyses mainly the visual attention and visual perception.

There are a few theories related to "preattentive" processing which show us various ways in which our visual memory behaves by illustrating though various examples.

Visual attention is particularly important as it can be used to track the observers attention. Particularly we are often wondering what should be highlighted or underlined in a page, this is the key in drawing the visual attention.

There are a lot of details about various kinds of pre-post attentive aspects , the current challenges part offers a very interesting question : " What is the information-processing capacity of the visual system" ? , I think although we can clearly identify few of the ways in which the visual attention and perception of few known things, it is still a difficult subject to determine the capacity or the processing of a visual system.