Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reaction: Distributed Cognition as a Theoretical Framework for Information Visualization

Cognition is the act of understanding the data at hand. The author of this paper feels that this part of InfoViz field has been understudied and paying more attention towards this aspect of visualization could enhance this art. This is the central idea of the entire paper. The author makes a distinction between theory and  a framework. In his opinion InfoViz field lacks a clear framework to study cognition.

The author draws differences and explains perception and cognition. Perception is the way humans see things; cognition, the way information is processed. Thus perception is followed by cognition. InfoViz has developed with respect to quick perception of data but there is no benchmark that can measure cognition. All in all the author tells us how InfoViz could be enhanced if we have a framework for cognition. However the paper fails to present a framework itself. Thus unlike previous papers reviewed today this study does not seem to give concrete results that can be used to bring tangible benefits to the field of Visualization.