Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reaction: Attention and Visual Memory in Visualization and Computer Graphics

The paper mainly summarizes the relevance between human psycophysics and information visualization. The examples with illustrations that the authors use to describe preattentive processing are very interesting and though straight forward helps us in building a thought about what the authors are getting to. The summarization of the papers that dealt with different preattentive visual features was done very intuitively and clearly. The fact about the asymmetric nature of the visual features from the experiments conducted by Triesman and others is presented strikingly. The description that Simons offers about change blindness is very interesting. I have gone through the actual illustrations on Mr. Healey’s page, which is much more illustrative than the description that the paper offered about change blindness. The contradictions to our generic assumptions are done very sensitively by giving enough theory followed by the illustrations. The description about Postattenive Amnesia contradicted with my thought about the concept of studying a display offering no assistance in searching.

The paper provides a conglomerate view of all the aspects that have to be concentrated on, to make the images more memorable and salient. The illustrations that the authors have provided aids the reader in understanding the point that the authors want to make. The paper discusses about the fine details that human visual system perceives and suggests ways to highlight those facts to make images more visual in terms of gaining attention and last for a long time in memory. The paper also includes the experiments conducted by various authors in various papers, which adds scientific flavor to this paper. Overall the paper is nice blend of various papers highlighting the important conclusions made in those papers with brilliant illustrations.