Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Data : Figshare

Allows researchers to post their all their data, with the aim of reducing replicating research data unnecessarily. In beta, it has been set up by Mark Hahnel, an Imperial PhD student.

FigShare beta was released March 2nd 2011. It has been set up by currently active scientists for use by researchers worldwide. FigShare is a permanent research data storage and sharing platform.

The data submitted to FigShare is backed up daily and stored on servers based in both Europe and the US provided by funding from Systems Institute.

FigShare automatically generates citations for each figure and dataset uploaded. These citations contain a persistent identifier from handle.net. This means that if you cite this figure, even if the URL of the data changes, the reference will still guide you to the figure.

The API for figshare can be found at: http://figshare.com/figures/api.php