Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reaction: Attention and Visual Memory in Visualization and Computer Graphics

The paper has a good flow and it covers almost all fields of attention and visual memory. The authors have majorly concentrated on Post-attentive amnesia, memory guided attention, change blindness, inattention blindness and attentional blink. Thought these things were familiar to us , a detailed idea of why such things happen or how such things happen became more clear by reading this paper.

The theories of pre-attentive vision were explained well with images. That is one good part of this paper. As the topic says the authors have taken care of putting in attentiveness and visual memory aspects in the layout of the paper. Feature integration, Texton , Similarity, Guided Search, Boolean map, Ensemble encoding etc  were the topics covered under pre-attentive vision.

In visual expectation, when they explains about eye tracking, change blindness etc and attentional blink(Most widely used method to study the availability of attention across time) I was able to relate to many practical aspects of them. Even though they have't been able to conclude about the reasons for certain topics like change blindness they have dwelled into most of the other topics in detail which would definitely improve the perception about visual design.