Thursday, September 8, 2011

Viz: Hackathon results

via bitly blog on 8/8/11

Many thanks to everyone who came out to our hackathon! It was great to see so many friendly hackers and open data enthusiasts collaborating and sharing ideas (and devouring 11 pizzas in about as many minutes).

Our friends at posted a summary of the hacks created at all four nationwide hackathons, including an awesome visualization of NASA’s popularity worldwide created by Adam Laiacano at our New York office. Here are a couple more hacks that came out of the New York hackathon:

* A fascinating set of data visualizations by Harlan Harris.

* Sonification of data by Niki Yoshiuchi.

Want to hack on the data? It’s still publicly available on the website. We’ll be hosting another hackathon soon — keep an eye on the hackabit Meetup group for more information!