Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reaction: Graphical Perception- Theory, Experimentation and Application to the development of Graphical Methods

I agree to the authors who say that graphs have been used for perception of data for a long period of time. Initially after reading the paper I was indeed puzzled when they questioned some of the ongoing methods for graphs and suggested some improvements. The way say 'surgical' improvements itself suggests that they want some indeed radical changes for the perception of data via graphs. It was good to read about how we could ameliorate the accuracy of the existing graphs so as to increase their quality. I have observed this in many papers that I have read throughout my Master's curriculum that the authors challenge the existing tradition (here it is the graphs) and have proposed new reforms like dot charts, dot charts with groups and framed rectangle charts. However, as once discussed by Dr. Watson in one of the class people are indeed adamant towards changing age old methods and traditions. Here it is the graphs which are in presence from a very early period. So replacing a graph by some new charts and people accepting them easily is a question for debate...