Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reaction:Graphical Perception: Theory, Experimentation, and Application to the Development of Graphical Methods

The paper has done a scientific approach to prove the theory which  deals with the extraction of quantitative information from graphs. The authors have put in their effort to do a detailed study into different charts ranging from bar, pie etc to juxtaposed cartesian graphs.

 They postulated that length judgments are more accurate than area judgment and they are in turn greater than volume judgment. They have mentioned that power law of theoretical psycho physics and power coefficient varies from one person to other. I perfectly agree to this. Even author has mentioned about Weber who said one can readily detect size of bar graphs which are covered by equal sized frames than unfilled bar graphs.

 The experiment which was conducted for proving the theorem was commendable. They have even taken care of removing subjects who have given answers without following the instructions. They have considered the confidence interval and statistical analysis to arrive at the conclusion. Which makes me believe more about the fact that position judgment is more accurate than length and angle judgment.