Monday, September 5, 2011

Data: Top500 SuperComputer Sites

The TOP500 Project was started in the year 1993. It keeps track of the trends in the field of high performance computing. The best performance on the Linpack benchmark is used as performance measure for ranking the computer systems. The main objective of the project is to provide a ranked list of general purpose systems that are commonly used by high end systems.

The project reports data of the top supercomputer sites across the globe and to make the information available over internet more compact it shows brief description of the installation site , the manufacturer, computer, field of application, position w.r.t other top computers and other relevant information about a particular supercomputer without going into its minute detail.

From the available database of all the top 500 super computers from 1993 there are interfaces that allow users to create sublists of the available lists. It also allows creation of single list statistics and charts of a particular super computer available in its databases. Of the available list of supercomputers dating 1993 there are interfaces that allow users to create historical charts to track changes over time. The project also provides information about related papers and books that can be referred in the field of high performance computing. Apart from having an effective user interface for deriving statistical information about vendors both w.r.t systems produced and their performance they also allow users to access the data in a table format. The lists maintained by the project are available for download both in an excel format and as XML data . This website is observed as a very good reference to know things about the fastest computers of the day and are updated twice every year.