Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tool: IBM BigSheets, extending business intelligence through web data

Significant amounts of data, and no simple, easy way for companies to discern business insight and identify opportunities hidden within that data. This problem is only growing, by some estimates 988 exabytes of information will be generated in 2010.

That's over 18 million times the amount of information contained in every book ever written over the course of human history.

What is BigSheets?

A revolutionary browser-based analytics tool that enables business users to extend the scope of their intelligence data through the web in a timely manner.

How BigSheetsHelps:

  • BigSheetshas a UI developed specifically for business intelligence and non-technical business users to facilitate data gathering and analysis.

  • BigSheetshas the ability to gather data in structured form (databases, etc.) and un-structured form (web sites, documents, etc.)

  • By allowing the combination of these two data sources, BigSheets allows business users identify opportunities and risks “hidden in the data”.

A small sample scenario:

An international new media company…
wants to gain additional advertising business through an innovative, novel content platform focusing on UK Parliament–but researching structured news databases combined with Google searching may not be the best way to perform news research.

BigSheets inputs

1. UK Parliament Site & related demographic / voting records.
2. Members of Parliament & related Bills, Debates, Districts, etc…
3. Time (10+ years)

…to find out…

  • Who is doing what –and who isn’t doing?

  • Overlay voting records with demographics and voting records over time
Here is a short video presentation on how BigSheets can help us gain insights into large amounts of data and also let us visualize the data.