Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TileBars: visualization of term distribution information in full text information access

The authors discuss about the assumptions and the strategies to be used for text retrieval from full length text and how it is different from conventional methods of using extracting from titles and abstracts.The authors present a new visualization, Tile Bars which indicate frequency of the queried term and its distribution and overlap within the document.

Tile Bars acts as a analytic tool and the visualization also allows users to also view the relative length of the documents that are retrieved. It helps to know how well information can be retrieved for different queries.

It was interesting to read about the concepts of Similarity search and boolean search and how it is difficult to present precise and important information to the user in a convincing manner based on the result obtained by the above information retrieval techniques.The approach of Tile bars for the above problems seems a great idea as it takes into considerations the scenarios of long texts, coherent compact representation and passage context. The visualization shows a large rectangle representing the document itself and squares within the document represents Text files. The frequency is indicated by color which is very intuitive to the user. It is interesting to note that the visualization exploits the natural pattern recognition capabilities of human perceptual information so that the user can easily view and understand the information.

Thus, this visualization allows the users to intuitively view the query word distribution and other properties so that the user can comprehend the relevance among the documents.