Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaction: Information Visualization for Text Analysis

The chapter is a survey of various approaches and their pros and cons used in the visualization of text mining. The authors start by mentioning the brushing and linking technique based dashboard. This looks a lot like the list view of the jigsaw tool. Then they mention the jigsaw tool, the tile bars for visualizing documents etc. They talk about the TRIST tool and its unique way of depicting sets of documents. TRIST used icons do depict documents and the properties of the icon represented the properties of the document. Then they go on discussing about seesoft visualization and its depiction of document size, document attributes and accessing the documents using the cursor. Textarc is a circular version of the see soft bars. Other famous visualizations discussed berifly are the word tree visualization, tag clouds and so on.

Then they discuss citation and relationship visualization in documents. They talk about the standard node and link representation. They have discussed breifly some of its alternatives like the paperLens visualization and the legal citation analysis visualization.