Monday, November 28, 2011

Reaction: Information Visualization for Text Analysis

Visualization aids used in text mining help a lot in drawing correlations that are more semantically meaningful and help achieve the objective. The use of visualizations can be more helpful when the scale of the documents to be analysed is very large and the relations need to be drawn between various things in  the documents. The higher dimensionality of categorical data is an inherent problem in visualizing the word frequencies in a way that the purpose is satisfied as a visualization cannot convey all the information graphically when it is a text. The representation of tag clouds to show word frequencies help in understanding what are the most important terms on a particular website or document and are effective in understanding the frequency of word use. This can also help in analytics.
Theme River Visualization is an interesting type of visualization as that helps in relating various topics and can be used over a large set of documents to analyse the context. The analysis of literature and citation patterns can be helpful to identify good quality pages on the web as they will have a lot of backlinks and this symbolizes the quality of the papers.