Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaction: Information Visualization for Text Analysis

This article takes an overview of different text analysis techniques in terms of text mining, concordance and textual ontology. The paper explains different visualization techniques for each of these areas of text analysis. Each technique comes with a visual example which is very helpful for understanding.

Text mining is interesting field of extracting required information from available resources. The author explains simple systems like TAKMI, Jigsaw and Tilebars, as well as gives an introduction of more sophisticated techniques like BETA and TRIST. The next section considers visualization techniques for concordance which means an alphabetical index of words in a text with respect to their context. This section includes some interesting visualizations like DocuBurst and NameVoyager. This section also discusses popular concept of tag clouds in detail. The third section discusses a very interesting field of textual ontology which visualizes relation between words and texts like citation analysis. The graph created by Small has certainly inspired present search engines.
This is a great article for beginners, providing excellent introduction to current techniques and also providing researchers with the further directions for their study.