Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaction: Information visualization for text analysis

This web article is a good overview of various information visualizations for text analysis. At the outset the authors mention a distinction between textual search tasks, and analysis, although they seem to refer back to previous discussions to actually definite the difference. It's probably easy enough to guess the difference.

Text mining is discussed, and we see a reference to Jigsaw, from a different article we've read. A good description of a few other applications are given as well. Word frequencies and concordances are talked about. I find it interesting that the author shows that tag clouds are not as useful as lists for search, but I guess that seems obvious. Citation analysis is mentioned as well, and that's something I've found useful in the past, if not with a fancy visualization. I do kind of with Google scholar did a visualization in such a way (unless they already do, and I'm missing it).

This was a great overview, as I mentioned. I think I would like to read some of the other chapters in the series that this author mentions.