Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaction: TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access

This paper focuses on a new application for text visualization called TileBars. The author mentions that all textual visualization applications never take the structure of the document into consideration in the process of information retrieval. The application; TileBars takes this structure into consideration before building relations and providing results to the user. 

The author gives document structure prime importance because according to him; in an extremely long text there are multiple sub-topics and paragraphs which are related to each other in many ways. Thus, a user should have the power to search the 'query' in such sub-parts rather than the entire document. This according to me makes complete sense. In long chapters or papers, there are subtopics which might focus on the query itself. Thus, if there is a search on the complete paper; it might not turn up in the results as opposes to if its sub-topics are searched.

TileBars uses TextTiling algorithm developed by the author to partition the document into multi-paragraph segments and provide the user the length of the document, the position of the paragraph with respect to the document. TileBars uses size, color and position to depict the length of the paragraph in which the query was found. It also uses color to provide the information of the frequency of the occurrence. I think that with the use of structure as a property; this is an excellent attempt at depicting the retrieval of information about a certain query from the document(s).